Arlene C. Graziano's new book: Little Bat Does Not Like That

Introducing Little Bat

Did you know the State of Texas has an official state flying mammal?

Large colonies of Mexican Free-tailed Bats, also known as Tadarida brasiliensis , live in Texas. Some live in caves, like Bracken Cave outside of San Antonio and others roost under bridges like Waugh Drive in Houston and Congress Avenue in Austin.

Since I’m batty about all things Texas, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Little Bat.

Little Bat is a picky eater, but he is bravely going where no bat has gone before to try some new and different foods.

Little Bat is available for pre-order now on

My new book will be released Aug. 10, 2015!

Here’s a free coloring page to celebrate!


Color, cut & paste a double-sided stick pony puppet!

It’s a Stick Pony Derby

Did you know a “derby” is a horse race for three-year old horses? Well, how about a free printable for your favorite human three-year old?

I’m preparing for an author visit next month. I’m busy sewing up some campfire logs out of knee-hi stockings and polyfill, a bean-bag “fire” and making some fun crafts to share.

Here’s the link to a printable so you can have your own Stick Pony Derby:

Free Stick Pony Printable

You will get four double-sided ponies for your child to color, cut-out and paste to a craft stick or cardboard.  I used the wide 18 mm craft stick for my sample because I’m taking them to a large group. But, for home use, I constantly raid my recycle bin for craft cardboard. Cereal boxes are great for kid crafts.

Have fun!

An Inside Peek At My New E-Book

SPLPage10I wanted to share a page from my new Kindle book Saint Patrick’s Lullaby which is now available on Amazon.  I’ve been painting over the last several months in Adobe Photoshop. I want you to peek closely at the “photos” in the background. My brother-in-law likes to joke with my son about having black-mail pictures of me with “80’s hair” in their family album.  I’ll bet he will find this cartoon a bit familiar.